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Why Should You Consider Email Marketing?

In the marketing world, there are always highs and lows when it comes to how people consume content. Sometimes mailers do better than email marketing, radio has a higher return than television, and so on. In the past year or so, email marketing has taken a front seat to many other marketing options. Why? Likely because of its ability to hit people when they want it, and the opportunity for personalization.

Unlike some traditional media avenues, email marketing is highly trackable. Not only can you see how many people each email goes to, but also how many opens, bounces, clicks, and so on. It provides built-in proof it’s working. You can easily see what content is doing better than others, and improve upon it each time you send an email out.

Email marketing is highly successful when combine with other marketing avenues such as SMS, social media and website pushes. By providing the same (or very similar) messages across each, not only are you sending a consistent message, but you’re also hitting customers at different times and in different ways which are needed to stay top-of-mind.

Tips for Higher Open Rate & Returns on Email Marketing

  • Focus on your own content. Make this about you, and how your products and services can help your reader

  • Personalize the message with either name, title, company, etc.

  • Segment your lists based on previous purchases, or products/services you know customers are interested in

  • Create interaction by adding in a poll, survey or asking for feedback

Here at Kerning Advertising, we manage email marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. And depending on their needs, run blasts weekly, monthly, quarterly and as needed. We are familiar with, and work in, various email marketing platforms including Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact and others. From designing the template, choosing just the right graphics and images, to writing content, publishing and monitoring insights, we handle all aspects of your campaign. If you are interested in starting or growing your email marketing, we would love to help you out. Reach out HERE!

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